North Leigh Common

Anemone North Leigh Common

The Friends of North Leigh Common working parties are going to restart next month - we will have to be limited to groups of six in any one area but if more appear they can operate elsewhere on the common doing another task!


We start at 9.30 at car park and the dates are:-
November Friday 6th and 27th
December Friday 4th and 18th
January Friday 8th and 29th
February Friday 5th and 26th
March Friday 12th and 26th


Anyone wanting to join in can contact Harry St John on his email or ring 01993 881529 - so we know how many to expect.

We can supply tools if needed. It's good exercise, socially distanced but fun and beneficial to the habitat on the common - so good for all users and the wild things that live there.

Flora and fauna
Wonderful autumn leaves and colours, especially the birch. Oak leaves late falling - some oak trees covered in acorns - popular with the jays who bury them round the common and some grow to trees !
Very good display of various funghi especially the colourful Fly Agaric (see pic).
I have just started feeding birds again at a field edge site close to the east side of the common and birds are already using it. Groups of Long Tailed Tits, Bluie, Great and Coal tits as well.
as it gets colder more will appear.
Heather - we have about 8 clumps of heather growing in one open patch and it really is taking a hold in this corner of the common which is great news - it is really quite rare in Oxfordshire. We are encouraging it to spread more.
The ponds near to Boddington Lane have been scraped out and reshaped to encourage great crested and other Newts and the pools have now filled up with water - so come the spring look out for them.
One of the Newt team took the photo of this lizard near the car park! can u spot it on the log? fantastic camouflage and a very long tail!
What other interesting things have you seen...? let us know.
Dog Poo


Sadly, despite previous pleas, people are still leaving bags of poo lying round the common - please pick up behind your dog - or dogs in case of pro dog walkers - and put them in the bin provided - not picking it up is anti social especially in open areas where children play and leaving it in bags on the ground is worse still as then it cannot decompose into the ground!
Working parties
These have started again and next one is on Friday 27th Nov but volunteers working only in pairs 2 metre apart to satisfy lockdown rules! Then again on Fridays Dec 4th and 18th - more in January, February and March.
I saw this hedgehog fence door on line and recommend everyone who likes hedgehogs puts one or a similar gap in their fence too, to encourage the free movement of small wildlife thru our gardens. The hedgehogs need every bit of help we can give them.



Apple Blossom