North Leigh Common

Anemone North Leigh Common

The bluebells, wood anemones and violets are all but over now but there are some great vivid blue patches of speedwell on the large open area nearest the car park. If you look carefully you can see orchids coming up in various places but not yet in flower.
I spotted a patch of very pretty flowers in the undergrowth - its chickweed wintergreen according to my book - star shaped pure white flowers. I have never seen them before.
Brimstone and orange tip butterflies have been seen almost daily since the weather warmed up, with speckled wood, peacock and tortoiseshell appearing along with the three types of white.
Look out for the elusive and very rare black hairstreak among the oak treetops later this month; also marbled white, meadow browns, gatekeeper and ringlet should start being seen late June early July - everything is late this spring.
There are lesser spotted woodpeckers nesting in a dead birch trunk high up where they have carved a hole. Nearby I have seen robins and blue tits nesting on different levels in another birch trunk with holes - like a block of flats! Lots of birdsong to be heard in early morning and before dusk- garden warblers during the day, blackbirds and thrushes at dawn and dusk.
If you see or hear anything do report it - there is a great App called I Record butterflies ( and other things) which I have started using and helps build info on how numbers of species are doing."
We may have an occasional working party to attack the bracken encroaching onto open areas so let me know if you fancy a hour or so doing that. tel 881529.
Harry St John



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